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I DO of the engaged couple is said more and more frequently at less and less usual places. Still, the groom and the bride want to enjoy the wedding ceremony with their close ones in a dignified and noble surroundings, at which many other marriages took place: in a church, at a town hall or in the castle chambers. Silesian Ostrava Castle also offers its spaces to those who want to get married. And what does it offer to the fiances and the wedding guests?

Free dates and reservations for wedding ceremonies can be found out at registry office of the City District Office of Silesian Ostrava, tel.: 599 410 079.

Rental of the spaces for the ceremony

Ceremony Hall up to 50 people 5 000 Kč
Small Hall up to 90 people 10 000 Kč
Castle Terrace up to 150 people 25 000 Kč
In the courtyard   20 000 Kč

You will pay the fee in cash a month before the wedding cermony at the latest to the cash register of the company Černá louka s.r.o. (buliding of the pavilion A – entrance to the offices). The music is not included in the fee. Fiances ensure the music themselves. It is possible to order it from Mr. Petříček (+420 739 768 882) or choose it according to your own taste from a different company.


What the newlyweds wrote to us:

Dear director,

I would like to thank you for providing us with the spaces of the Silesian Ostrava Castle for the celebration of our wedding. It was fantastic! Not only us, but also our wedding guests were excited by the place and its beauty, perfect for a romantic wedding. Mrs. Špetíková, our main contact person was helpful and kind, just professional in the right place. I write this because my husband and I have lived abroad for some time and in the Czech Republic we are constantly faced with unwillingness and inhuman and completely unprofessional attitude in services. And so, I would like to thank her and the whole team of the castle again.

Everything turned out according to our wishes and I hope that we can visit the castle on other occasions as well.

Yours sincerely, Petra Tirpák Kostovčíková


Dear Director,

Last Saturday, June 21, 2014 we had rented a space at the Silesian Ostrava Castle on the occasion of our wedding day and ceremony. It is a our duty to inform you that this beautiful day was very successful also because of how beautiful the castle undoubtedly is.
 We would like to thank you very much for this opportunity and for great cooperation within the organization. The administration of the castle and Mrs. Alena Špetíková were very helpful and kind.

We are both "Ostravaci" and we are extremely happy that we chose Silesian Ostrava Castle for our day.our sincerely, newlyweds Adámkovi 


Silesian Ostrava Castle

In guides, encyclopedias, maps and hopefully in memory of some people I do have a name: Silesian Ostrava castle. However, it seems to me that I am not taken very seriously. It feels as if Ostrava did not have a past until it was created with coal and iron…

Winter in the Silesian Ostrava Castle

  • The castle will be closed due to technical reasons from 6th of January to 31st of March 2020 (included)
  • For the reason of CORONA virus the Silesian castle is closed now. Thank you for your understanding! 


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