Slezkoostravský hrad


Cash Register

T: 596 115 967

Castle Manager

Jakub Otto
T: +420 724 166 992


Jana Jílková
T: +420 606 035 557


How to get to us?


Tram Stop U Hradu – TRAM 4
Tram Stop Důl Zárubek – TRAM 12
Tram Stop Slezská Ostrava kostel – BUS 38, TROL 101, 107
It takes 10 minutes to get to the castle from busier stops in the center of the city (Elektra, Karolina, Most Miloše Sýkory etc.).


Parking with limited capacity (40 places) - next to the caste. In the city center, there are many more parking places.


Direct from Prague, Brno, Olomouc etc. – Train stop Main station.
Direct from Český Těšín, Havířov, Frýdek-Místek etc. – Train stop Station Ostrava-Middle 


Caste is situeted at the crossroads of the routes for the bikes with the marking E, J a O. Next to the castel, there are the bicycles stand and stand for the bike sharing companies Nextbike and Rekola.

Silesian Ostrava Castle

In guides, encyclopedias, maps and hopefully in memory of some people I do have a name: Silesian Ostrava castle. However, it seems to me that I am not taken very seriously. It feels as if Ostrava did not have a past until it was created with coal and iron…

Winter in the Silesian Ostrava Castle

  • The new expositions of the castel are now open. 
  • From 19.6. 2020 LIVE cultural events at the castle again.

 Follow us and find out more!

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