Slezkoostravský hrad

About the Castle

In guides, encyclopedias, maps and hopefully in memory of some people I do have a name: Silesian Ostrava castle. However, it seems to me that I am not taken very seriously. It feels as if Ostrava did not have a past until it was created with coal and iron…

The Castle Tower is the highest building of the entire castle. Visitors can view permanent expositions on the floors of The Castle Tower.

The Castle Fortress is situated on the courtyard. It is one of the oldest parts of the castle, which was badly damaged due to insensitive interventions of the previous owners. It is possible to view The original brickwork of the castle in it. Wedding ceremony hall was made, with a 4x1,5m woodcut symbolizing „wedding festivity“, in December 2007. In October 2007, a castle forge was opened on the first terrace of the fortress. During Autumn 2008, a new castle chapel was opened – The Chapel of Jan Czupryniak, which is open all year round and provides visitors with spiritual rest. The permanent expositions are nativity scene with carved figures, stations of cross, chapel, the statue of st. Hedvika – the patron of Silesia, and glass oil paintings.

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